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Athena Luxury Villas Mauritius - Villas with Private Pool

Welcome to true luxury in our Athena Villas Mauritius

Most people are quick and hasty to think of their wallet and how expensive of a stay it must be when looking at luxurious, top-of-the-line villas in their search for their next unforgettable holiday in Mauritius. Naturally, they think that luxury and affordability are impossible to say in the same sentence, and that they must sacrifice one for the other. They wonder if it is even possible to live out every person's wild dream of a lavish, extravagant holiday in palatial surroundings without the extreme price tag such a daydream must surely have attached to it. Many people would search, and search, and search until they almost reach the realization that a sumptuous, upscale respite absolutely has to be unbelievably expensive. They almost give up on their dream of an affordable way to feel as amazing as they always should...

But then, they find Athena Villas in Mauritius.

Nestled cozily in the famous Grand Bay of Mauritius, these breathtakingly beautiful rentals house all the luxuries you'd expect from a quality, upscale vacation villa- such as a stunning private pool, decadent and lavish furnishings, gorgeous garden views, astonishing architecture and any amenity you can think of- but at a surprisingly reasonable rate.

Why Athena Villas

  • Top class experience !
  • Beautiful modern style decoration
  • Amazing villa with private pool
  • Secure and quiet area
  • Dream villa for couple
  • Continental breakfast included
  • 5 minutes to Grand Bay
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Suitable for family holidays

Luxury Villas Athena, Elegance and refinement

Situated in Grand Bay, north coast of Mauritius, just like the Oasis villas Mauritius, the Athena villas as one of the top villas in the luxury category, Athena Villas are a well-known haven for those seeking the perfect vacation, from honeymooners to families. Many continually praise these luxury villas for their expansive feel and friendly atmosphere coupled with unrivaled comfort and opulence at a feasible fee.

This is no accident.

Excellent, all-inclusive service is available and at your fingertips, while for those who prefer a more minimal experience, their wishes are also easily brought to life.

It is this flexibility and fullness of service that you receive that allows this wonderful property to thrive and flourish at a fair price, while never having to sacrifice any of the elegance, security, and peacefulness that makes Athena Villas so undeniably and exquisitely heavenly.

A Grand time in Grand Bay, a Perfect time in Mauritius

For those unfamiliar with the holiday favorite island known as Mauritius, the Grand Bay is a coastal village located in the Riviere du Rempart District.

What makes this area so perfect as the single most perfect spot for an forgettable getaway retreat is the wide diversity you get to experience for an island vacation. From dynamic restaurants and fun bars to the variety of shopping prospects, from the numerous exciting water sports to the calm, serene seascape, from the lively nightclubs to the relaxing evenings; there truly is not just something, but something unforgettable and perfect, for each and every one.

Exploring the island is highly recommended, as Mauritius has been long-known for being the pinnacle of a tropical paradise with a dizzying array of activities and sights to see.

If you're into water sports, for example, look no further. You have found your Nirvana. Any kind of activity you can think of is available, from scuba-diving to kite-surfing and anywhere in between.

There are also the less-obvious attractions, ranging from the delightfully odd and quirky Curious Corner of Chamarel, to thrilling Dodo Quest, to the many spectacular nature parks.

Truly, no one can ever leave Mauritius unchanged for the better.

The beach to end all Beaches

But of course, if you don't feel the need to explore, yet still want an extraordinary experience, you're lucky you chose Athena Villas. Because as far as beachfront breaks go, Pereybere is simply the most impeccable location to find yourself.

Ask anyone who has ever visited this beautiful beach and you will undoubtedly get a glowing review and an undeniable urge to visit. Simply the cleanest, calmest water hugging the whitest of sands. Shade to spare and home to many local treats and restaurants as well. To relax, there is nowhere better to go. Nowhere, that is, except for your own private villa.

The Top for a Reason

Athena Villas blend a modern, contemporary feel with hints of classical construction to perfectly marry the past, present and future. A worry-free, safe environment to enjoy your own ideal vacation any way you see fit, whether it's the most romantic holiday for any couple, a fun trip for the whole family or an escape for some much deserved and warranted peace and solitude, you can find your own time here and craft a truly personal experience without having to break the bank.

Amenities aplenty

Each villa includes the best service you can dream of. Delicious breakfast, pristine private swimming pool and lush garden, a veranda, a fully equipped state-of-the-art designer kitchen from gas cooker to toaster, daily maid service and of course unlimited cable on a deluxe flat-screen LCD TV as well as wireless internet access. Athena doesn't skimp on security, either; each villa is equipped with an alarm system and a backup generator that automatically turns on in case of a power cut.

The human touch

And in case that wasn't enough, Athena Villas casually seals the deal with the most courteous, attentive and well-trained staff any vacation-goer could hope for.

Starting with the charming hostess you meet the moment you arrive, to the experienced professional housekeepers, maids and maintenance team, each Athena staff member is not only highly skilled at what they do, but have been hand-chosen because of their friendly, positive attitudes and ever-helpful, ready demeanor. It is with an unwavering confidence that we say... You could not be in better hands.

In Greek Mythology, the goddess Athena was rational and intelligent; the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration, among other things.

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